Welcome to the Politics of (Dis)order!

The Politics of (Dis)order (POD) research group is a dynamic, inter-disciplinary and School-wide intellectual community of academic staff and post-graduate students working on different aspects of populism, authoritarianism and nationalism. The group’s research focuses on the different ways in which we can understand political order and disorder in these fields. As a group we offer specific regional foci and internationally recognized expertise in Central Asia, the broader post-Soviet space, Central Europe, Asia and the United States.

The University of Lincoln has a strong-track record of internationally recognised research in populism, authoritarianism and nationalism and POD is the forum in which this research expertise is brought together. The core aims of POD are:

· To create a formal and informal space for intellectually rigorous discussion on the politics of (dis)order in the areas of populism, authoritarianism and nationalism; and to support and link research in these fields from across the university and beyond

· To organize seminars, lectures, workshops and conferences that touch on a range of issues and cases within the scope of the politics of (dis) order

· To develop an international and national network in the politics of (dis)order

· To enable the development of theoretically and methodologically innovative research in populism, authoritarianism and nationalism

· To coordinate with other Universities and external networks from across the world to promote collaborative research and develop new research initiatives

· To facilitate the development of research in the fields of populism, authoritarianism and nationalism which can feed into teaching and learning

Group convenor Dr Rico Isaacs, risaacs@lincoln.ac.uk